Real Estate

Groupe Marc Dubé ltée, who is specialized in property development and commercial management, currently owns, either independently or in partnership, over 225,000 sq. ft. of land ready for development, primarily in downtown Gatineau


With new residential units, the addition of offices and several commercial spaces in this rapidly growing sector, our projects become exciting projects that will support the appeal and dynamic nature of downtown to transform it into a comfortable, lively and safe living environment, both for the residents and the employees who visit each day.



The W/E / 119 Wellington Street

The W/E is a large contemporary-style residential project in the heart of downtown Gatineau in the Hull sector. The 12-storey, 137-unit building with indoor parking will welcome its first tenants in July 2015. Through a partnership with Groupe Heafey, The W/E is in phase I of a large-scale 4-phase construction project.



59-67 Wellington Street

Held in partnership with Groupe Heafey, this 60,000 sq. foot lot, fourth phase of a 300 million building project, has zoning that can accommodate a 33-storey building. This space is currently used as a parking lot and includes a building occupied by commercial and residential tenants.


165 Wellington Street

Held in partnership with Groupe Heafey since 2010, this 18,000 sq. ft. building is occupied by a retail business, a hi-tech company and an indoor parking lot able to accommodate 50 vehicles.



62-66 Promenade du Portage

This 12,000 sq. foot lot in downtown Gatineau was acquired by Groupe Marc Dubé ltée in 1996. It is currently operated as a parking lot and has the potential to accommodate a 50,000 sq. foot building.



173 Wellington Street / 31-37 Laval Street

Acquired in 1995 by Groupe Marc Dubé ltée and held in partnership with Groupe Heafey since 2004, this 31,000 sq. foot lot can accommodate a 110,000 sq. ft. office building. This lot is currently operated as a parking lot and includes an existing 10,000 sq. ft. building that houses the Groupe Marc Dubé ltée offices and tenants such as the Vision Centre-ville organization and a few other businesses.

40, Bégin Street

The Marc Dubé Group and its partner GMR, acquired in 2021 the land at 40, rue Bégin in ValTetreau. A neighborhood with a lot of growth potential requiring diversity, affordable housing and businesses for residents.